I liked singing, and would often sing songs at home or on the way home from junior high school.
One day my mother said to me, " you are out of tune."
After that I was no longer able to sing.
However hard I tried, I couldn't produce a voice.
I had no trouble in speaking, but the problem cropped up once I tried to sing.
I felt my voice stuck in my throat.
The hardest time was music class at school.
I pretended to be singing by opening and moving my mouth at first.
But later I felt the teacher would fing out sooner or later that I wasn't singing, so I stopped pretending.
Then I just kept my mouth closed.
It seemed to offend him.
He gave me F on my report card at last.

Even after I graduated from schools, I sometimes fell into the situation where I had to sing.
I was at a loss.
So and so about 40 years had passed



the 50th walkathon from Narasaki to Saku city

A walkarathon took place last Sunday in my area.
They started at 9 at night in Nirasaki and were to cross the finish line in Saku city by 3 oclock in next afternoon.
It's fairly a long walk of 78km.

Isn't it insane to walk through all night?
I'd never wish to take a part in it, but one of my friends participated in it.

She is a tough woman, who rnns for an hour almost every day at the gym, and often enters marathon races. Nevertheless it was the first time for her to try a walkarathon.
I asked her next day how she'd enjoyed it.
She answered that she'd finished first among women, 16th in all.
I got surprised and felt happy to hear that.
Isn't that cool?
According to her, it might have been easier than marathon races.

The most difficulty was when walking through the mountainous areas in the dark at night without anyone around her.
She told that she'd been really scared.

Every participant had been supplied with a cap and flash light on it before start.
But the bill of the cap obstructed the light to shine her feet, just lighting up the road ahead indistinctly.
I could readily imagine the scene and her feelings.

I asked her if she wanted to take part in it again.
She din't know yet, but actually she'd answered yes to an interviewer.
It's just because she felt sorry for the host if she told her true feelings.
What a naive person she is!
So and so she will have to perticipate in it next year, too.
Good luck for her!

a neighborhood excursion

I went to the hotel Shinyu in Tateshina hotspring with my neighbors yesterday.
My husband and one more man couldn't join us because they had to attend the spring festival of a Shrine as respresentatives of neighbors.
So we were a party of 14 people.
A microbus came from the hotel to pick us up in the morning.
The driver said he had 40 years' experience as a tour bus driver.
Sure enough he acted not only as a driver but also a good guide.
He has a humor and we enjoyed listening to him.

The hotel was new and chic in the mountain Tateshina.
As soon as we got there, some of us took a bath, and then the party started by our leader's speach and a toast to each other.
I enjoyed talking with people seated side by side, and sang three songs on Karaoke.
Attentive enployees helped our stay comfortable.
I had a great time.

The only regret was that a few elderly women looked tired.
Actually I had chatted with them in the first half of the party, but later I set out to talk with someone on the other side of my seat.
They didn't sing Karaoke despite of our frequent invitation.
There was nothing I could do any more to cheer them up.

Anyway on the way home the same driver entertained us again with pleasant talks, stopping at several places with a view for us to take pictures.
And what 's more, I got excited to see from the running bus two deer standing on the sideway.
They didn't look afraid of humans, just looking to us sielently.
They were really cute.
The day passed by happily.


I taught English and other subjects to some junior students and kids for a long time.
I felt a little getting tired about it, and wanted to get experience from other jobs.
One more reason was that I wanted to make a good use of my free day time because teaching job usually starts from evenings.

So and so I started working at a restaurant about a year ago.
Sure enough I enjoyed working there.
At first I was on edge serving customers, but gradually I got used to it.
I felt I might be fit to this kind of works.
At the same time, however, I was fed up with one of my coworkers.
She was really rude.
I felt I'd had enough experience there, and it's time to leave.

Around that time my students graduated junior high schools, and passed high schools.
I'm released from my duty to teach them although I still have some kids to teach English.

Now I'm looking for a new job.
At this timing I found this job, where I would be able to use English practically.
I wasn't sure if I could do the job, and I hesitated to apply to it.
More than a week passed when I finally sent the resume yesterday.
I don't know if the job is still open.

At any rate I felt I should blush up my English to take this chance or a next one.
This is why I've restarted Eigobin after a long interval.

second-hand store

I always buy my clothes at a thrift shop recently.
I used to hate the idea to wear second-hand clothes from total strangers.
The turning point was about two years ago, when I went to the second-hand shop to sell my old clothes.
While I waited for them to be evaluated, I looked around the shop.
Then I found some of the clothes there looked bland new, and even sophisticated.
I'd never seen such snappy dresses in neighborhood stores.
I came to think that fashionable women must have bought clothes easily, and sell them very lightly.
Now I have a lot of my favorite clothes from there.
I've never had these many clothes in my life.
I believe I'm fashionable now thanks to the second-hand store.