a trial lesson to brothers

Two brothers came to my house for a trial lesson of English.
One of them was in first grade at elementary school, and the other was a kindergarten child.

As soon as they got to my place, the well in our garden attracted their interest.
They wanted to see inside it, and asked me to remove the wellhead.
I told them it's dangerous, so I couldn't open it.
They looked disappointed, but listened to me obediently.

When they entered the house, however, they got interest in the escalator this time.
It was installed about 20 years ago, when my father-in-law got ill.
After all he died a few years later, but now my mother-in-law uses it.
It is a rare thing for ordinary homes, so they may well spark their interest in it.
Every child who came to my house wanted to ride it.
I gave them a permission to get on it for a while.
They got excited, and went up and down again and again.

Finally I stopped them, and started to give them a lesson.
For my surprise they knew a lot of English already.
They were really bright boys.
Unfortunately there were too many things in my house to keep them studying.
They seemed to be distracted by new things around them.

After they left, I've been thinking how to teach them.
They got excited today to see new things around them for the first time, but soon they willl get used to them, and then they might start concentrating in studying.
Or should I teach them separately?

Their mother told me in advance that they had better to take a lesson individually because they would be pumped up together .
I have in two minds.

They are such bright boys that they will learn a lot if they get good lessons, I believe.
What do you think?
I'd appreciate it if you could give me an advice.


meeting with a pretty, sophisticated young mother of three kids

Mrs. O, a young pretty mother of three kids came to my house to make a preliminary examination about my English class for kids.
She told me that she learned of me from Mrs. T, the mother of a kid under my charge.
I was very glad to find from what she said that Mrs. T spoke highly and fondly of me.

Mrs. O also told me about her kids and her own interesting background.
She and her family had lived in Tokyo for a long time, but they decided to moved to this area because they traveled around the country, and liked this place.
Since two months ago, when they moved here, her husband has been commuting to Tokyo.
She said she would also start commuting to Tokyo in a few months.
In addition their parents, who had lived in Saitama, moved to their new home to live with them.

What a lifelong decision!
It was a little surprising for them to have gone so far.

She also told me that she had once lived in Indonesia until she was ten years old.
Her good footwork might come from this experiance and others.
I'm interested in her and her family.
I'm looking forward to seeing her cute and bright-looking sons, whose pictures she brought to me, next Saturday.
I have to get ready to provide them interesting lossons.

life with pet ②

A few years later my husband and I decided to reform our old kitchen, dining room, and facilities.
Under the renovation work, the back door was removed and just a sheet was mounted instead.
I was a little scared to sleep in the house with no door.
Though I gradually got used to it, it was my cats that really had a hard time because neighborhood cats entered my house freely,
They always bullied my cats.
My cats could run away into my house before when they were run after, but they lost their shelter then.
Whenever I saw outside cats in my house, I drove them away.
While I was sleeping upstairs, however, there was no way I could do.

Soon my cats began to mark the territory in my house.
Even after the renovation finished with the door mounted, they continued to mark the new walls.
It was a nuisance for us.
The refreshing odor of new woods was on the verge of changing into the smell of pee.
We had no choice but to drive my cats out of our house.

life with pet

I started to live with my cat about 10 years ago, when I suffered from depression, and needed a cat badly to comfort me.
When I saw the ad for ped adoption on the local paper, I went to see the kittens with my husband and our son.
A woman showed us two kittens, a female and a male.
Both of them were so cute that I couldn't decide.
Then my son said, "they will feel lonely if we take one of them."
It made us deside to adopt the both.

Eventually they turned out to be good companions as I expected.
I felt relaxed to see their cute form and actions, and gradually I recovered from depression, admitting that the tranquizer also went a long way.

About half a year later the female cat had kittens.
I had to place an ad for their foster family.
When I could find adopters for all of the kittens finally, I was surprised at the big influence of the local paper.

Still my cat had kittens every season, and it became increasingly difficult to find foster families each time.
Though we had foster families for all of the kittens after all, I felt it's time to spay her.
To be honest I felt gilty to deprive a part of organs of animals according to human's convenience, but around that time I understood it couldn't help.

Later I faced another problem living with them inside the house.
I will write about it next time because it's already too long writing.

great bargain

I went to a recycle shop after a while absence, and came across this big bargain.
It was a sheer jacket, which I could wear in chilly evenings during this season.
When I tried it on, I found it perfect on me.
I felt happy to have the chance to find this stylish outfit.
I got delighted moreover to see the price.
Only 500 yen it was!

At the register a kind shopclerk told me that it had a little stain on.
It was such a little and light spot that I didn't mind at all.
Nevertheless she offered me a deep discount to 100 yen.
What a lucky day it was to get the nice jacket at the great bargain.